Tn Visa Occupation List -

TN Visas Canadian Professionals. TN VISA Canada Profession List. This is the list of occupations / professions that are open for Canadian Citizens to apply under the US TN Visa Program. Appendix 1603.D.1 Professionals. Eligible professions for TN 1 Visas The following list details all the professions which are eligible for a TN 1 Visa, as well as the education and/or qualifications required for each: Accountant – baccalaureate degree, C.P.A., C.A., C.G.A., or C.M.A. Under USMCA, a Canadian or Mexican citizen who has a temporary offer of employment in the United States may qualify for a TN visa. The US job offer must be from a list of occupations defined by USMCA See list further below. Note: Only citizens are eligible for a TN visa; permanent residents or landed immigrants may not apply. Here is the list of TN Visa Occupations or NAFTA Occupation List Submitted by: Kate T. of Surrey, B.C. Canada 51 questions TN applicants say they wish they knew. TN Occupations and Requirements. TN visa status is available only for certain occupations listed in the North American Free Trade Agreement. The listed occupations include: Professionals; Medical and Health Care Professionals; Scientists; and, Teachers. Professionals. Accountant.

List of TN Occupations and Professions Below is the list of occupations and mandatory education and experience that are eligible for TN visas. If your occupation is not on the list, or if you do not meet the education/experience requirement for a particular occupation, you will not be eligible for a TN visa. APPENDIX 1603.D.1 OF ANNEX 1603 OF THE NAFTA Designated Profession List for TN Status • Accountant--baccalaureate degree, C.P.A., C.A., C.G.A., or C.M.A. • Engineer--baccalaureate degree or state/provincial license • Scientist - Agriculturist including agronomist--baccalaureate degree - Animal Breeder -- baccalaureate degree. Click here for a complete list of NAFTA professional occupations. NAFTA TN Visa Period of Stay: TN visas are valid for up to 3 years and may be renewed indefinitely, however, it may be difficult to renew if the border official believes that the visa is effectively being used instead of a green card. To apply for an extension of stay, the. Occupations marked with an asterisk have special rules and may allow employment by some persons who do not have a Bachelor’s degree. This list is provided for general information only; the TN classification can be used creatively in many cases to enable a person to work in the United States. To explore the TN status and. TN Visa Eligibility. To qualify for a TN visa, you must Be a citizen of Mexico or Canada; Work in a professional occupation on the NAFTA list see below. Be coming to the US to work for a US employer in a job that requires your specific professional skills may require an offer letter. Terms of the TN Visa. Term Length — 3 years.

The agreement specifies the types of TN visa jobs and occupations that visa holders are allowed to engage in. There are around 63 occupations for which Canadians and Mexicans qualify to work on. These include lawyers, scientists, engineers, teachers, etc.

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