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New Report on Maternity finds drop in teenage pregnancies.

This article presents a brief demographic analysis of recent trends and patterns in teenage fertility in New Zealand. The analysis covers both nuptiality and ethnicity aspects, and also looks at abortion rates, as abortion has a direct impact on contemporary changes in the fertility level. Apr 12, 2019 · “The new report shows most women are aged between 25 and 34 when they give birth. The number of teenage pregnancies has halved between 2008 and 2017.” “In 2017, 2309 teenage women aged between 15 and 19 gave birth. Doctors were not allowed to prescribe contraception to under-16-year-olds until 1977. New Zealand's rate of teenage pregnancy dropped significantly in the 2010s but was still high compared with most other western countries.

May 30, 2018 · In the March 2018 year, there were almost 60,000 live births registered in New Zealand, which was similar to the December 2017 year. New Zealand’s total fertility rate in the December 2017 year and the March 2018 year was down to 1.81 births per woman, its lowest recorded level. Source: Statistics New Zealand Vital Statistics annual data online through Infoshare Births to younger teens have fallen the most, with almost three quarters of teen mothers aged 18 – 19 when they give birth up from two-thirds in 2006 Teen mothers are older 17 and under 28.4% 18 – 19 71.6% 4 Teen births are down More teenagers are delaying sex. In the Industrialised world, New Zealand teenage births 33.4 per 1,000 are second only to the United States of America U.S.A 55.6 per 1000, with Pacific teenage pregnancy rates being twice as high as for European women. If you want to start a family young, it appears that Gisborne is the place to be! Figures released by Statistics New Zealand show that Gisborne is the New Zealand city with the highest teenage pregnancy.

2 New Zealand teens' digital profile: A factsheet Bell, Miller, & Crothers, 2016 and the Household Use of Information and Communication Technology survey Statistics New Zealand, 2013, little is known about teens Summary of findings • A third of New Zealand teens. New Zealand, with its high teen birth rate and concentration of teenage births amongst economically deprived populations, has taken a two-track approach. While introducing some policies designed to reduce teenage pregnancies, the Government has also tried to minimise. Teenage Pregnancy.Teenage pregnancy in Australia has decreased significantly although the rate of births is still at five per cent for women aged 19 years and under. Approximately eighty-five percent of sexually active adolescent women may become pregnant by mistake.

Parental relationships do matter! Disproportionate negative results for minorities, show larger social structures at work. Results 22% of young women reported at least one pregnancy by 20, 1/3 of these women reported 2 pregnancies. Most between ages 17 - 20. First pregnancy. One in eight New Zealand women suffer from depression symptoms while pregnant, with Pacific and Asian women twice as likely to be affected, reveals new research from Growing Up in New Zealand. The risk is three times higher for women who were diagnosed with anxiety before and during pregnancy, regardless of their ethnicity.

There were 7639 New Zealand teenagers who had children last year. The figure is up 410 on 2007. Of those new parents, there were 39 mothers and 11 fathers who were aged under 15. The rate of teenage pregnancy in New Zealand has halved in the past decade, the Ministry of Health has revealed. The Report on Maternity found that in 2017 the teenage birth rate was 15 per 1000.

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