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She has the remote control. She has the tickets. She has an umbrella. She has the sandwiches. She has the photos. It has stopped raining. It has arrived safely. Who has the ball? Who has eaten the chocolate? While who is included with he, she and it – the has words – in the examples above, be aware that have comes after who in the following. Aug 11, 2008 · she is kind, funny, and sweet,I wonder what she has done. B1 could work as well with 1 extra word such as; she is kind, funny, and sweet,I wonder what she might have done to deserve this. May I know which is the correct one for the above questions. Choose the correct answer:. Look at the picture and complete the sentences: have or has / is or are Meet Ben and Penny. They brother and sister. Ben eleven and Penny eight years old. She.

In U.S. English, the difference is that "Does she have the book?" is normal, whereas "Has she the book?" is not. I can't speak with confidence about U.K. English, but I believe that in U.K. English, both forms are correct, and with no difference in meaning, but with "Has she the book?" being more formal and "Does she have the book?". Whenever you use "he or she" you are using the third person singular so you would have to use has or had in those cases. She has been working for that company for 2 years. He has been studying English for a year. As for the other examples you could have to use has. She has a wallet. He has a.

Some things that people have been taught are rules of English grammar are really not rules at all—and some of them are flat-out wrong. There's actually a word for this phenomenon: hypercorrection. It's what happens when people learn that something that isn't a rule is a rule. Read through these ten questions. Each question has three similar sentences, only one of which is correct. Choose the sentence you think is right from the three given choices and let us know how you did. 1 Which sentence is correct? She lives in an apartment. She lives on. On the other hand, when a copy is given to an expert, who is trained for this, he/she knows what to look for and how to look for it. They are able to correct the copy instantly and with ease. They are well versed with the grammar and have a habit of doing this job on a. a. She may enroll at any time while she is covered under her employer plan, but she will have a special eight-month enrollment period that differs from the standard general enrollment period, during which she may enroll in Medicare Part B. Correct. Mrs. Allen has a rare condition for which two different brand name drugs are the only available treatment. She is concerned that since no generic prescription drug is available and these drugs are very high cost, she will not be able to find a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan that covers either one of them.

Jul 22, 2016 · What is the difference between HAVE HAD, HAS HAS, and HAD HAD? Watch this video and find out. Also see - MOST COMMON MISTAKES IN ENGLISH & HOW TO AVOID THEM. When you begin editing and proofreading your text, start with larger problems, such as clarity and structure. Make your focus increasingly narrower as you work. Focus on your overall points or arguments, then paragraphs, then sentences. After you have edited for content, structure, and quality, move on to proofreading for grammar. Both terms are correct, however in colloquial registers we don't use no with physical possessions but with attitudes and desires. For example we use I have no in phrases like. I have no idea what you are talking about. She has no patience with that sort of stupidity. We have no reason to think that will happen. They have no right to treat us that way.

Difference between "Does she have the book?" and "Has she.

Apr 18, 2016 · I think if I had just chosen A or B at random each time and mailed back answers like “B is correct and A is incorrect,” with invented reasons, she would have been delighted.

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