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Grading systems of hydronephrosis have been devised to communicate the degree of upper collecting system dilatation. The most common system used Society of Fetal Ultrasound, SFU was originally designed for grading neonatal and infant hydronephrosis: grade 0. no dilatation, calyceal walls are apposed to each other; grade 1 mild. In the 1980's, a new patient type appeared: healthly infants presenting for follow-up of prenatal hydronephrosis. These cases required new standards to guide clinical decisions on whether to perform surgery or not. The Society for Fetal Urology SFU responded with the SFU hydronephrosis grading method to guide such decisions. Ultrasound has been used as a basic diagnostic tool in the assessment of hydronephrosis. 11 There is a significant correlation between the grade of hydronephrosis on ultrasound and prognosis.2, 3 Many studies showed that low-grade hydronephrosis SFU grades 1 and 2 is a benign, self-limiting condition. The highest SFU grade per patient was: 7% SFU1, 3% SFU2, 20% SFU3, and 50% SFU4. All patients had UTDP3 p=0.002 hydronephrosis. UTD scoring criteria at initial and most recent ultrasound are presented in the table.

We included only children with initial postnatal US studies with bilateral mild Fetal Urology Society grade 2 hydronephrosis who were evaluated with a VCUG. US reports were reviewed for renal anomalies, hydroureters, and bladder wall thickness. VCUG reports were analyzed for the presence of PUV and vesicoureteral reflux VUR. Mar 22, 2016 · SFU Grading Hydronephrosis Grading System and Mobile Web App. The Society for Fetal UrologySFU hydronephrosis registry began enrolling patients as of 5/01/06. Currently, three centers have received Institutional Review BoardIRB approval and are actively enrolling patients. Hydronephrosis in infants is divided into five grades that were standardized by the Society of Fetal Urology. The grading is usually based on ultrasound, ev. intravenous urography. Classifications, online calculators, and tables in radiology.

Hydronephrosis is graded on a scale from zero to four, with zero being no hydronephrosis and four being severe. Grading System of Society for Fetal Urology SFU Propose 5 points numerical grading system based on the postnatal appearance of the. 1 Renal pelvis 2 Calyces 3 Renal parenchyma. SFU Grade 0 1. Pattern of renal sinus splitting No. The Society of Fetal Ultrasound SFU has developed a grading system for hydronephrosis, initially intended for use in neonatal and infant hydronephrosis, but it is now used for grading hydronephrosis in adults as well: Grade 0 – No renal pelvis dilation. The Society for Fetal Urology has created a universal grading system of hydronephrosis that ranges from grade 1 most mild to grade 5 most severe. The grading system is based on how dilated the kidney and the amount of renal paranchemya present. in patients with SFU grade 3 or bilateral grade 2 hydronephrosis or APDs 20–30 mm is unclear Accordingly, these intermediate‑risk patients should probably receive antibiotic.

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