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Jun 16, 2014 · The more difficult cars to paint black are the ones with large, flat body panels. A lot of body guys will shy away from painting big vehicles black because it is so hard to get huge panels perfect. We just finished a ’63 Lincoln, which has big slab sides. The issue with black is that when you look into it. The big benefit of flat black is that it does not highlight flaws in the metal work like a regular paint. Like any good paint job, proper body work, priming, and prep work all need to come first when applying flat black. A good flat paint needs to be treated the same as if you were going to paint the vehicle with a glossy finish. The paint surfaces have to be sanded and scuffed, and the vehicle needs to be masked.

Dec 10, 2009 · Continue to cover the entire car until you have one complete coat of flat black. Let it dry, and then wet sand with 400 grit again. Clean, degrease, dry and apply another coat. This time, wet sand with 800 grit. Clean, degrease, dry and then do it all again, wet sanding with 1000 grit. Look at the paint job on this retro-futuristic car matte black paint job looks great on this one. Wish I knew who made it. sexy and hot! Not a fan of the wheels, but I like it! Just A Car Guy: A variety from Tumblers matte black See more. Aug 12, 2016 · If there’s no paint on the car at all, you can use a technique called hot blackening which will give it a black matte finish. Use a test swatch to lay down your mid-coat in the color of your choice and then apply your clear coat and try different options like matte, flat and satin.

A fter a total failure with my first paint job a long boring story I won’t revisit I had to repaint my wagon, but this time, I wanted a flat paint job using flat clear. There’s a bunch of forum-based info on painting with Hot Rod Flatz or using flat clear, but I wanted a trusted source with 30 years of painting experience. Mar 25, 2007 · the prep work def makes or breaks a paint job. I used PPG last time the car was painted and it looked good, the painter who did that job didnt take his time prepping the car and it started to show the older the paint job got. My friend who has painted a few show cars including my show truck had quit painting entire cars and doing small jobs. Matte paint finishes have long been a staple of the auto-show circuit, used to help make a concept car stand out from the glossy crowd. In recent years, mainstream automakers have brought matte. Jan 04, 2016 · Today, matte finish also known as flat finish is a rising trend in the automotive world. Should you consider a matte painted car, it is very important to arm yourself with the right information. Below are five common car paint problems you most probably will run into if you choose matte finish. Matte Finish and Car Paint Problems. Oct 28, 2013 · become popular with custom car builders and hot rodders to give their car the old "hot rod" look that won't fade away and is very durable to the elements. This paint can be applied anywhere including high heat areas. According to John Deere, you CAN paint over John Deere Blitz Black with another coat of Enamel paint.

Maaco provides auto body painting and collision repair services with over 500 locations. Find a Maaco near you today!. Four to six weeks following your paint job, we recommend that you wax your car every 3-4 months to protect your new finish. Make sure to use an automotive wax, like Mothers', that does not contain abrasive cleaning agents.

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