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Separate First and Last Name in Excel Split Names Using.

Below are the steps to separate the first and last name using Text to Columns:Select all the names in the column A2:A10 in this example.Click the ‘Data’ tab.In the ‘Data Tools’ group, click on the ‘Text to Columns’ option.Make the following changes in the Convert Text to Column Wizard. Jun 28, 2019 · With the first name in A2 and the last name in B2, the real-life formulas go as follows: =A2&" "&B2. =CONCATENATEA2, " ", B2 Insert either formula in cell C2 or any other column in the same row, hit Enter, then drag the fill handle to copy the formula down to as many cells as you need. In Excel, first select the column you want to separate. Then, go ahead and click on the Data tab and then click on Text to Columns. This will bring up the Text to Columns wizard. In step 1, you choose whether the field is delimited or fixed width. In our case, we’ll choose Delimited. On the next screen. So, here’s how you can separate the first name and surname in Excel when some of the original names include a middle name: ' formula in C2 and copy down = RIGHT A2, LEN A2 - SEARCH "", SUBSTITUTE A2, " ", "", LEN A2 - LEN SUBSTITUTE A2, " ", "".

You can use the Left function, Right function and Find function to spit a full name to the first name and last name with following steps. 1. Enter the formula of =LEFTA2,FIND” “,A2,1-1 in a blank cell, says Cell B2 in this case. 2. Enter the formula of =RIGHTA2,LENA2-FIND” “,A2,1 in another blank cell, Cell C2 in this case. 3. Copy those two formulas down and you will see the full name column is split to. Microsoft Excel is often used to store data including personal information like names, addresses, contact numbers, etc. There are times when the names in the data are full names and you would like to split them into first names and last names sometimes with middle names. Nov 30, 2019 · How to Separate First and Last Names in Excel,Right-click the column header that is to the right of the names you wish to split and select Insert. For example, if your names are in Column A, click Column B. This new blank column is where we will put the Last Names.

If you need extract the last name from a full name in LAST, FIRST format, you can do so with a formula that uses the LEFT and FIND functions. The formula works with names in this format, where a comma and space separate the last name from the first name:. To extract the first, middle and last name we use the formulas "LEFT", "RIGHT", "MID", "LEN", and "SEARCH" in Excel. LEFT: Returns the first characters in a text string based on the number of characters specified. Let's say you want to create a single Full Name column by combining two other columns, First Name and Last Name. To combine first and last names, use the CONCATENATE function or the ampersand & operator. Important: In Excel 2016, Excel Mobile, and Excel for the web, this function has been replaced with the CONCAT function.

Separating Out Last Names. A last name is all the letters characters to the right of the space. We’ll use Excel's RIGHT function to do that. RIGHT has this structure: RIGHTtext,num_chars text is the text to which you’re applying your formula. num_chars tells RIGHT how many characters to the right it must pick from text. num_chars is arbitary. If you don’t give it a value RIGHT will pick one character. Mar 05, 2019 · Hello, I have an excel spreadsheet and the first column A1 is called "Full Name". I want to extract the first name only into a second column called "First Name" in B1. I used the following formula: =LEFTA2, SEARCH" ",A2,1-1 The formula works great but except when something there is no last name in the full name cell, I get VALUE! instead.

First Name Last Name Split Excel Formula

To complete the name split, change the column headings, to Last Name and First Name. Reverse First & Last Names - Flash Fill In column A, there is a list of names, with the last name, followed by a command, and then the first names. Mar 26, 2009 · Split First and Last Names in Excel.If you have a list of names in Excel, with first and last names separated by a comma, you can use an Excel feature to split first and last names into separate columns. To start, select the cells that contain the names. On the Ribbon in Excel 2007, click the Data tab, then click Text to Columns.

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