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Easy to Grow Potted Plants Petunias. A member of the nightshade family, the petunia.Crocus. The crocus genus Crocus spp. holds more than 80 species of flowering plants,.Rat Tail Cactus. A native of Mexico, rat tail cactus. We offer a wide selection of easy-care plants from Hydrangeas and Hostas to Hemerocallis and Heleniums and many more. Whether you're a new gardener or have years of experience tending a landscape full of trees, shrubs, and perennials, these low-maintenance plants are ready to bloom, bear fruit, and flash stunning foliage, all with minimal care.

Aug 29, 2014 · Edgings or walls made of potted plants visually delineate and define spaces. These plants help separate the lawn from the patio. Design concepts: Six evenly spaced, identical faux terra-cotta pots are arranged in an L shape at the far corner of the patio. A selection of rowdy herbs explodes from the smooth, clean lines of the classic pots, providing contrast in color and texture. Colorful and fragrant, angelonia is perfect for patios -- it loves the sun and the heat, doesn't need much water, and is generally easy to care for. More from The Stir:. 10 Indoor Plants That Are So Easy To Take Care Of 1. Aloe.2. Lavender.3. Mother in laws tongue/snake plant.4. Spider plant.5. Peace Lily.6. Succulents.7. Cactus.8. Heart leaf Philodendron.9.. The shape and texture of its foliage make it easy to combine with other plants. A container will keep it well under its natural size of 15 feet high and 4 feet wide. Plant it in full sun or light shade.Emerald arborvitae Thuja occidentalis ‘Emerald’, syn. ‘Smaragd’, Zones 2–7 provides excellent year-round interest because it maintains its rich green color in winter.

Our Patio Potted Flowers and Plants Gallery. Patio border lined up with Hyacinths in black pots forming a lovely line of potted plants. I like the color scheme of purple and white which syncs with the garden above the rock retaining wall. A terrific example of large and small potted plants in a. It’s easy when you plant an explosion of color by pairing a smoldering mass of Easy Wave Velour petunias with the fiery scarlet leaves of cordyline. These sun-worshippers thrive during hot, summer weather. Just water them whenever the soil feels dry to the touch and fertilize every few weeks. These three containers make the most of heat-tolerant plants like geraniums, calibrachoas, and mecardonias. Choosing tough plants with gorgeous, bright blooms brings the best of both worlds to your container—they’re both easy to care for and visually captivating. Feb 13, 2017 · 10 Best Plants for Container Gardening 2 Coral Bells. This perennial, also called heuchera, has frothy little flowers.3 Begonia. Begonias are versatile, hardy, and showy with a variety of leaf shapes.6 Euphorbia. This somewhat lesser-known plant looks frilly but it's tough as nails in a. Phostrogen All Purpose Plant Food is a balanced plant food for all garden plants, including shrubs, bedding plants, pots, vegetables and hanging baskets. It can be used either dissolved in water or sprinkled directly on the soil. Phostrogen Slow Release Plant Food & Moisture Control will feed your pot for 6 months and reduces watering by 75%.

Hardy potted plants create a moveable garden that does not require much care from the gardener. These plants tolerate cold and harsh weather conditions as well as the dry conditions of a neglected. Quick-growing and colourful, nasturtiums are easy plants for children to grow. Sow them in borders as ground cover or let them spill out of containers. The large seeds can be sown directly into the soil - just wait until after the last frosts. Their peppery leaves and flowers complement and garnish summer salads. Aug 14, 2018 · Pothos plants are vine plants that can easily dress up a bookcase or a plain wall with their trailing leaves. They are another popular plant that purifies the air. Their classy appearance and air-purifying abilities make them a good choice for a home office or living room.

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