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Bee balm Monarda spp. provides a centerpiece in a potted butterfly or bee garden. The plant produces pom-poms of purple, pink, white or red flowers that stand above the bright green foliage. Bee. Companion Planting and Design Bee balm is a perfect cottage garden plant. I like to let it ramble though a perennial flower border next to tall garden phlox, rudbeckia, roses, and peonies. It looks best when allowed to grow in groups to create a vivid color statement. May 14, 2013 · Bee Balm as a Companion Plant Bee Balm is a perennial herb that can be put to more than culinary or decorative uses. Bee Balm also plays a role in organic gardening by way of companion planting. Plant this herb in an area that receives. Spotted Bee Balm, Dotted Bee Balm, Dotted Horsemint, Spotted Horsemint Previous Next Noted for its pagoda-like flowers, Monarda punctata Spotted Bee Balm is a clump-forming, short lived perennial or biennial, boasting showy clusters of creamy purple-spotted tubular flowers, 2-3 in. across 5-7 cm, resting upon pink, lavender or creamy bracts. Bee Balm Monarda didyma This ultimate bee-friendly perennial zones 4 – 9 is a great companion plant for vegetables and fruits that rely on bees for pollination. Bee balm will grow in full sun to partial shade.

Mar 09, 2018 · Bee balm is also edible and medicinal and can be used in a tea to help alleviate cold symptoms. Learn more about growing and using bee balm here. Borage. Borage is one of my favorite flowers to grow around the garden, and bees love it too! It’s excellent for companion planting as it keeps bad bugs away as well as attracting pollinators like bees. Lemon balm is known as an beekeeper’s friend and an orchard herb because its flowers attract honeybees, which pollinated fruit trees. Even if you don’t have an orchard, encircling fruit trees with lemon balm will do double-duty as weed-suppressing ground covers and. Bee balm Whether you call it bee balm, monarda, bergamot, or Oswego tea, this plant is great for bringing pollinators to the garden. Blossoms reminiscent of fireworks in a variety of colors mean more than just pollinators enjoy these blooms! Vigorous growth and a long bloom time also make this plant a standout in any garden setting. Bee balm, chives, dill, mint, and parsley improve health and flavor. Use dill early since mature dill starts to inhibit tomato growth. Carrots planted near tomatoes may not get as large as they should, but they will still taste good. Garlic repels red spider mites.

Bee balm is a natural source of the antiseptic compound thymol, the primary active ingredient in some modern commercial mouthwash formulas. The Winnebago used a bee balm tisane as a general stimulant. Bee balm was also used as a carminative herb by. Monarda, or bee balm, is a member of the mint family with a delicate beauty but rugged longevity. The whorled flowers come in lavender, red, or pink. Give it room to multiply and share the divisions with friends. Because it is perennial, the flower show only gets better in the second and later years. The Balmy Bee Balms are more compact and considerably shorter than other varieties of monarda, and are notable for their very mildew resistant foliage. Although they are not specifically deer resistant, rabbit and deer are less inclined to eat monarda than many other plants. Bee balm is in the mint family, and absolutely lives up to the family name. It will intensively spread over a season via a mat of underground stems stolons, but can be kept under control by regular digging and dividing. Planting: Plant bee balm in the spring or early fall.

Q: What companion plants grow well with bee balm? A: If you’d like to lure hummingbirds or a beneficial bug to your yard, planting Western columbine or silver sage with your Monarda will help! When mixed with Joe Pye weed, bee balm can be a surefire lure for butterflies, too.

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