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Hidden Kingdoms This innovative new series from the BBC’s renowned Natural History Unit and Executive Producer Mike Gunton Africa, Life uses groundbreaking filming techniques to immerse viewers in the unique and unexplored miniature world of the planet’s smaller heroes, all. Hidden Kingdoms is a series from the BBC's Natural History Unit taking the viewer into a unique and unexplored miniature world, immersing you into the action-packed lives of the planet's smaller animals. Hidden Kingdoms is a British documentary television series that was first broadcast on BBC One on 16 January 2014. The three-part series is narrated by Stephen Fry and shows how animals experience the world from their perspective. Animals shown include a chipmunk, dung beetle, Rufous elephant shrew and treeshrew.

Feb 22, 2014 · Watch BBC.Hidden.Kingdoms.2of3.Secret.Forests.576p.HDTV.x264.AAC.AR_vortex-eg. - Vortex Documentary on Dailymotion. Jan 16, 2014 · Tom Rowley was disappointed with Hidden Kingdoms, the new wildlife series in which the BBC used visual trickery to explore the lives of the planet's smallest creatures. 展开全部 Hidden Kingdoms is an innovative new series from the BBC's Natural History Unit. For the first time it takes the viewer into a unique and unexplored miniature world, immersing you into the action-packed lives of the planet's smaller animals. Jan 07, 2014 · The BBC is to air on-screen warnings that scenes in the new nature series Hidden Kingdoms were 'dramatised'. For the sake of the creatures. BBC.Hidden.Kingdoms【隐含的王国】2014 高清1-《隐秘王国》(英文:Hidden Kingdoms)是一部英国自然纪录片系列电视节目。该片用特殊摄影的方式拍摄超小型动物的世界,每位观众都可以通过摄影技术缩小观察的视角,在这个隐秘的小世界里探索生命的奥秘与价值。.

Tiny Giants 3D is inspired by the BBC original television series Hidden Kingdoms. The US premiere of the BBC/Discovery Channel co-production – renamed Mini Monsters and narrated by Peter Dinklage Game of Thrones – aired as a two-hour special on Discovery in May 2014. BBC.Hidden.Kingdoms【隐含的王国】2014 高清2-《隐秘王国》(英文:Hidden Kingdoms)是一部英国自然纪录片系列电视节目。该片用特殊摄影的方式拍摄超小型动物的世界,每位观众都可以通过摄影技术缩小观察的视角,在这个隐秘的小世界里探索生命的奥秘与价值。. Chinese video streaming platform Bilibili has teamed up with National Geographic for a new nature documentary series entitled The Hidden Kingdoms of China. The show debuted in China last week, attracting lots of views and Bilibili’s signature “bullet comments” — streams of text comments from users that fire across the screen from right to left.

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